Kcast Gold Live!+ App Reviews

115 add

Drop the adds!

This used to be my goto app. Now its its just a way for Kitco to sell adds.


App went from being ultra useful to useless Wont refresh properly and ads are irritating Now use bloomberg for gold quotes

Bug fixes... LIES

"Bug fixes and performance improvements" Translation: were installing pop up ads and more banner ads.


Could do without the ads. Otherwise a clean and easy to use app. Would like to see more companies added to the list for mining stocks

Best app

Best app for facilitating gold market manipulations and snorting paper derivatives.

Simple, easy & accurate.

Covers not only precious metals but other commodities, mining stocks and currencies. Intuitive interface... nothing more or less than you need.

Go to App!

I use the app multiple times daily.

Great functional app

Does what I need - basic pricing without being complicated.

No paid version

Id like a paid version to remove the Ads

196 churchill, Greenfield Park ,qc

5 stars for this apps, i used each day wow


Everything you need in one app. Easy to use and clear layout. Great.

Not Optimize for iPhone 5

Please Optimize for iPhone 5 screen.

It is good Application

It is Good Application Thanks.

Nice App!

This is a very reliable and convenient application for tracking spot metal prices and other major indices. Short / long term charts are also available.


Great app! Sometimes crude oil stock doesnt show live quotes but its bot a big problem for me. I think you will improve even more this app. Good job!


Dont change a thing. Some people just wont more for nothing. Wake up its Free! Thanks jp


Love this app been using it for years now

Great App for Metal Prices

24/7 metal, currency and market updates. Love it.

Good little program but Rhodium issue

I really like this free little program. Not the nest but good. All metals have a 10 year back history but Rhodium. It spiked 7 years ago to $10,000 us and ounce, now $770. Kitco has a 5 year limit only on that metal... They should show 10 years.

Best Gold App

No delays is reporting spot gold prices, ads are not overbearing and reflects customer needs over pop-ups. A must have for the Precious Metals investor.

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