Kcast Gold Live!+ App Reviews

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A really nice free app

I use it everyday to seeing what is going on in the PM markets and mining stock prices/press releases. There is a lot of other info and analysis.

Exactly what I need.

Simple to use, quick access to futures quotes and charts.

After update I see more ads

The only thing in this update was to add the ability to put a big fat add bar at the bottom of the app. Time to dump this app and find a new one or DO NOT UPDATE unless you like Ads

"Must have" app...

...especially if you trade precious metals. KITCO is my one-stop for everything gold and silver!

Its okay, could be much better

Mining companies need names, not just tickers. Metals have historical charts but companies do not. Oil gives a chart but just for the current session. Only a few companies can be added to the company list, and then sorted, because of an interface limitation. I hesitate to call it a bug, but it could be better. This review is for the iPhone version only, not iPad.

Worth the price

Actually it is a useful program. And putting up with ads is the "price."

Great information source

KITCO is my go to app for information around the world pertaining to metals.

Update scam

Dont get the update unless you want to be blasted with advertisements every time you open the app.

Nothings free

I get that revenue is needed and the banner ad in the previous version was acceptable. This supposed "bug fix" version instead added a pop up ad upon opening. This is not acceptable. Please remove the pop up or I will be deleting this app.

Terrible app

This app use to be good, now its just ads. Ill be deleting it.

Oh the humanity

Ditch the pop up ads that were introduced as a bugfix. Horrible idea

No crude oil daily chart

Iam unfamiliar with other versions, but I have noticed, there is no daily crude oil chart, all major energy stocks correlate with oil prices

Update description is a lie... its ad that must be dismissed. FAIL

Serious step backwards. Some old feedback too: Why did you remove the horizontal layout features? Both for charts and for the high / low for the day from the main screen. The 3-day chart is useless. Please update to a single price line. Please make chart timeframe customizable.

Great app / lousy ads

Great app to check silver prices, BUT a recent update started adding a very irritating "in your face" advertisement to the initial homepage, in addition to the ads that are always at the bottom. If this keeps up Ill probably look for a different app.

Why still annoying pop up ads on main screen?

Very disappointed! This was a favorite "go to" app for gold prices and daily fix. The minute you open the page is now blocked by an add. I accept the ads on the bottom but this is very annoying and slows down the "quick check" ability. There are several other apps out there and will be using this one less now. Shame as it was a nice clean & easy to navigate platform that would have been worthy of 5*. I almost took another star off because they have apparently said it was a glitch & ads would stop but as of today they are still there! The annoyance was motivation to write a review in my busy schedule. No more "review later" - this had to be said now!

Silly pop up ad upon opening

Decided to update the ap. bad choice. Now theres a pop up ad every time I open it. Shameful.

Annoying pop ups

App worked great till poo ups added and freeze it all the time.


Was great then pop up ads came along.

Dont like the pop up ads.

Dont like the pop up ads.

Uninstalled after 4 years of daily use

Popup ad is ridiculous. Give us the option to pay for the app to get rid of it. I uninstalled it after 4 years of daily use. Just complete garbage app now.

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