Kcast Gold Live!+ App Reviews

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They fixed the ad problem

I had rated 1 star. I have decided that the ad pop-up at the beginning isnt that big a deal, and Kitco is the best app for my needs.

Great for metal prices

This is a great app for both quick price checks and detailed price history information. I would highly recommend this app!

Good information

Concise and reliable data 24/7. Dont like the formatting of the Base Metals, xxxx.xxxxx.

Much better!

Thank you. Latest update did not launch a giant advertisement. So much better.


Are you so desperate for money that you keep irritating ads flashing all the time?

A "Must Have" App!!

If you own, or collect coins, bullion/precious metals, stocks, or want to quickly check, or track the U.S. and/or foreign markets, or just want to check the price of crude oil to see why you had to pay $50 to fill up @ the pump, this App is a Must Have!!! I use this App several times a day-every day! You certainly dont need to be a wealthy CEO, business owner, coin collector, or bullion owner to benefit from the wealth of information found in this App! Lord knows, Im living proof of that. Im just part of the ever decreasing blue collar U.S. populous that wants a bit more information about our economy and why it seems to be destined for the toilet. I rarely write reviews, but this is one I shouldve written long ago. Ive used this app for several years & would be absolutely lost without it.

Keeps me informed and up to date

Great app. This is one I use everyday. Instant information on crude oil prices, Dow, and precious metals.


A great one stop app to get a good overview of financial markets.

Industry standard

I use it to watch the economy stagnate in real time. Great for reminding you how cheap metals are now compared to when you last bought them. Seriously tho, the main improvement it needs is to have a USD index and oil spot price that goes back in time ten years like other price trackers. Also a "Premium over Spot" graph with ten year history would be awesome, even if it just used kitcos own data only.


This app is horrible! Pop ups are annoying and happen every time you open the app! Use something else!!!

Definitely one of my daily used apps

Best !! Fastest and Easiest "If you like to keep track of current world commodities, from oil to gold and aluminum to coffee, this app features it, and in a very easy format and my favorite you can chose to view $$ in any currency depending on your desire"

Real time gold and other metals

I like the real time updates for the price of gold and other metals. App is sometimes slow to show chart but is manageable.


Great App, easy access and up to the minute results

Too many ads

Too many flashing ads!! I will look somewhere else

Handy app

Kcast Live does the job and charts for precious metals are very handy.

Great App!!

This app is really great for checking precious metals prices & foreign currency rates!! Use almost every day & never had any issues!!

Nice and easy

Nice and easy app,fast and real time,very handy

Great App

Much better now that the giant popup ad has been removed. Would like a sexier icon but otherwise love it.

Great Kitco App

I like how I can customize my view to watch the Dow and Oil prices as well as the metals.

Love this app.

This app is so easy to use and watch market movements. Can do auto updating or manually when you open the app - saving your battery

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